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Empowering young girls to explore the possibilities in CODE!

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Online Event
12-14 March 2021
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The Biggest Female
Hackathon of the
Year 2021

To create a more diverse and inclusive tech world, we need to inspire and empower the next generation of female role models to pursue and develop their career in technology and become innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs. It's a process and it's not always straightforward. It takes time, action and support. Join us on a mission! Together we can make a difference.

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Vimal Kumar

Founder of Juspay

Rebekah Whittle

Solutions Engineer at CircleCI

Lisa Jung

Developer Advocate at Elastic


If you're a college student and identify as female, we'd love to have you at SheHacks! Whether that's undergrad, or graduate, we believe you can get something out of the event.
Teams can consist of anywhere from 2-4 people, generally 3.
Nothing! We'll also have fun contests and associated prizes.
Nope, you can't. The projects have to be developed within the given timeframe from scratch.
It will be held online using discord servers!
Please email us at with all your questions!